Ciao from the Existential Mommy

Soo.. friends, family, acquaintances, strangers, fellow seekers, fellow parents, anyone who knows and likes my style of thinking and writing.. I decided to start a mommy blog.  It might not be a typical mommy blog about the typical mommy things.   I want to take those mommy things, extend their brilliance, and make them analogous to other major, meaningful life experiences, and hence hope for aspects of it to resonate with anyone.  My writing is extremely personal and heartfelt. I want even those dear to me who do not have children to find our common ground. My goal is to articulate how motherhood fits in and can add to our existence, our lives outside of our children, and the ongoing process of meaning-making that everyone faces.  I feel guilty doing this. I really don’t have time for a full time blog; the way my life is, I have so many other things on my to-do list that I’ve procrastinated on for too long that are more pressing. But sometimes, if you fail to express and let certain things out, it’s actually harder to do those more important things. Whatever I end up actually posting, this is really just a personal blog, minus certain details, of things I need to write about, if for no one else but myself.  If anyone else can gain something, it’s a wonderful bonus.  As a relatively new mother, I thought I would make it more public than private in order to get some more moms reading who might be able to relate.  For anyone who doesn’t know me, I’m an emotional, introspective, quirky, happy and proud stay-at-home mom to an amazing little girl born in February of 2016.  🙂


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